Our Mission

Transplant Alliance Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit, mission is to spread awareness about Organ Donation by using our resources to publicly share our personal experiences. Which we do through events, fundraising to help others in need and through volunteering. Our goal is to support as many people as we can who are waiting for a transplant, healing from their transplant and those that have become donor families.

What we offer

  • Fundraising Assistance
  • Donor Family Assistance
  • Recipient Assistance
  • Caregiver Assistance
  • Training Events
  • Volunteering
  • Awareness Events
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Ask for Assistance

You must provide proof that you have received an organ transplant or donated a family member. You must also have a Help Hope Live Account for us to deposit the funds into.
Please email or call us at 888-60-Donate. Explain your situation and tell us how we can help. Our goal is to help everyone, but that is not always possible. Our board will review your case. We will do what we can.

The Story behind Transplant Alliance Foundation

Transplant Alliance Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2007 by Mary Jo Lovely while she was anxiously waiting for a much needed lung transplant. Transplant Alliance, along with Mary is managed by a special group of concerned and dedicated volunteers with a strong passion about the love and understanding behind organ donation.

Donor Family Butterflies

“The butterfly, a symbol of change, new life and hope, is often associated with donation. In 1992, donor family volunteers chose the butterfly logo to represent the National Donor Family Council because of its simple elegance and symbolism.”
Source: National Kidney Foundation

Board of Directors

Mary Lovely

Mary Jo Lovely

Mary's transplant story begins in 1997 when she was forced to make the decision after her husband passed. In 2002 she was diagnosed with severe COPD. She received her first lung transplant (single left) July 1, 2007. In 2015 she had her second lung transplant (single right).

Throughout all of the surgeries and the anxiety of being on the list twice, she remained an advocate for organ donation and the need to be listed as a donor.

Ron Boris

Ron Boris

Ron's Transplant Story started when he was told the only way he will be able to continue to live is if he got a heart transplant.... (More....)

Danielle Bailey

Danielle Bailey

Danielle's transplant story begins the same day her mothers did in 1997. The day her step-father died....

Ken Lovely

Ken Lovely

Ken's Transplant Story started in 2004 when Mary was told she needed to get a transplant to survive. Since that day he has been Mary's caregiver, advocate and volunteer.